Memories for two – in porcelain


‘Share-A-Map Tiles/Coasters’ – made in porcelain


This idea came to me when I met two people in love. They lived separately, one in Gateshead and one in Newcastle – separated by the River Tyne.
So I made these tiles for them, marking on each the place that they lived; and then they swapped them.
The Newcastle-based lover had the Gateshead tile, and vice versa. Each time they used their tile/coaster, it reminded them of their loved-one across the river.


So, at first, I called them ‘Valentines Tiles’.


Since then, the idea has expanded.
A foreign student living here wanted two sets made, to send one to her mother in Croatia.  The other she kept.
A man who commuted to London, only coming home at weekends, thought a set would be nice to share with  his wife in Durham.
And a couple who went on a special holiday wanted one to link their home to those special places far away; and they kept it in the kitchen.
And some people just wanted a single tile – as a souvenir of a home town.


I make them to order – obviously!