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Month: April, 2012

London – Mint visit

I made a short trip to London last week and while there I popped into Mint Gallery Shop, to catch up with everyone and see how my work is selling.

I was delighted to see how thoughtfully my more recent work, hanging porcelain notepads and soap dishes, have been displayed.

Do make time to visit if you get a chance.
There’s more than just my work; there’s a fabulous new range of  products in stock, including that of  Kiki van Eijk, whose work can be seen here, displayed between my two dishes.


Helena’s ‘Room’

You may have seen The Newcastle Evening Chronicle the other week. They decided that it would be good to have a creative person included in the series they are doing at the moment called ‘My Home’.

I was pleased to be asked, though it’s always strange to see yourself from the outside-in, so to speak.

If you want to see more into the world of Helena Seget (well, into my main living-space at least!), click on the link (which opens as a pdf) and you will see the whole article:  Helena Seget’s ‘Room’ – from Evening Chronicle

Maribor here I come

It’s all systems go for Slovenia! I didn’t have the funds to go, but one of my sponsors has bankrolled the venture.

If you remember, my ‘Torn Notepad’ has been short listed for an award at the UNICUM Ceramics Triennial, which gets underway next month (May 2012).
The Drava River at Maribor, Slovenia

I was invited to the awards ceremony – but even on Easyjet, my piggybank was not coming up with the readies.
However, it’s all sorted now, and I fly over on May 10th.

The actual ceremony takes place on May 15th in the little city of Maribor, this year’s European Capital of Culture. It really looks a lovely, quaint place (see photo), and I’m really looking forward to being there.