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Spring Salon – Sunday 29th March 2015 10 am – 5 pm

I’m looking forward to seeing you all this Sunday! Yes, it’s time for the 36-Lime-Street Studios ‘Spring Salon’ again – when lots of us at the studios open up our workplaces to the public, and (as usual) put up certain select items for sale at special prices.
I’ve decided to really go for it this year and sell a LOT of my stock. I’ve been working on a big commission over the last few months, which is taking up a lot of room; so I need more space!
I’ve even decided to sell some of my moulds as well as some one-off pieces… getting more space is now the priority for me.
However, the main thing is to see you – so, if you fancy popping by, the studios-complex is open 10am-5pm on Sunday (29th March), and you can expect a big welcome.
PS – bring some Spring sunshine with you..

.Stitched porcelain collar                   Porcelain place names


Square Head

I often found myself thinking about the differences that might exist between design and art, and also between art and design and functionality. If there are any.  (I think a lot too about sustainability, but that’s a slightly different matter).

Imagine my surprise – and admiration – when I saw an article about this piece: The Square Head (La Tete Au Carre).  The Square Head is… a monumental sculpture, a working library building, and a beautiful item – all at the same time!

The piece was designed by Sacha Sosno and is sited in Nice, France.  Quite an achievement. Image