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I wonder if anyone saw the programme on BBC4 yesterday – A History of Art in Three Colours, White.

It was one art critic’s view of the history of the colour white in European culture: starting with Winckelmann, going via Wedgwood and Whistler and Le Corbusier up to its use in the monumental buildings of Fascism.

It was an interesting programme and made me think a lot, because, of course, much of my work is in pure white porcelain.

White represents many things, including coldness and bareness, but also including purity and simplicity. I think the latter interpretations are why I like white: it tells no lies and gives no misleading impressions. It just is what it is.
I hope that makes sense.


Square Head

I often found myself thinking about the differences that might exist between design and art, and also between art and design and functionality. If there are any.  (I think a lot too about sustainability, but that’s a slightly different matter).

Imagine my surprise – and admiration – when I saw an article about this piece: The Square Head (La Tete Au Carre).  The Square Head is… a monumental sculpture, a working library building, and a beautiful item – all at the same time!

The piece was designed by Sacha Sosno and is sited in Nice, France.  Quite an achievement. Image